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svcmain.c File Reference
#include <phapp.h>
#include <phsvc.h>

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NTSTATUS PhSvcMain (_In_opt_ PUNICODE_STRING PortName, _In_opt_ PLARGE_INTEGER Timeout, _Inout_opt_ PPHSVC_STOP Stop)
VOID PhSvcStop (_Inout_ PPHSVC_STOP Stop)


HANDLE PhSvcTimeoutStandbyEventHandle
HANDLE PhSvcTimeoutCancelEventHandle

Function Documentation

NTSTATUS PhSvcMain ( _In_opt_ PUNICODE_STRING  PortName,
_In_opt_ PLARGE_INTEGER  Timeout,
_Inout_opt_ PPHSVC_STOP  Stop 

Definition at line 29 of file svcmain.c.

VOID PhSvcStop ( _Inout_ PPHSVC_STOP  Stop)

Definition at line 101 of file svcmain.c.

Variable Documentation

HANDLE PhSvcTimeoutCancelEventHandle

Definition at line 27 of file svcmain.c.

HANDLE PhSvcTimeoutStandbyEventHandle

Definition at line 26 of file svcmain.c.