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sbiedll.h File Reference

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#define PLUGIN_NAME   L"ProcessHacker.SbieSupport"
#define SbieApi_QueryBoxPath_Name   "_SbieApi_QueryBoxPath@28"
#define SbieApi_EnumBoxes_Name   "_SbieApi_EnumBoxes@8"
#define SbieApi_EnumProcessEx_Name   "_SbieApi_EnumProcessEx@16"
#define SbieDll_KillAll_Name   "_SbieDll_KillAll@8"


typedef LONG(__stdcall * P_SbieApi_QueryBoxPath )(const WCHAR *box_name, WCHAR *file_path, WCHAR *key_path, WCHAR *ipc_path, ULONG *file_path_len, ULONG *key_path_len, ULONG *ipc_path_len)
typedef LONG(__stdcall * P_SbieApi_EnumBoxes )(LONG index, WCHAR *box_name)
typedef LONG(__stdcall * P_SbieApi_EnumProcessEx )(const WCHAR *box_name, BOOLEAN all_sessions, ULONG which_session, ULONG *boxed_pids)
typedef BOOLEAN(__stdcall * P_SbieDll_KillAll )(ULONG session_id, const WCHAR *box_name)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PLUGIN_NAME   L"ProcessHacker.SbieSupport"

Definition at line 4 of file sbiedll.h.

#define SbieApi_EnumBoxes_Name   "_SbieApi_EnumBoxes@8"

Definition at line 37 of file sbiedll.h.

#define SbieApi_EnumProcessEx_Name   "_SbieApi_EnumProcessEx@16"

Definition at line 38 of file sbiedll.h.

#define SbieApi_QueryBoxPath_Name   "_SbieApi_QueryBoxPath@28"

Definition at line 36 of file sbiedll.h.

#define SbieDll_KillAll_Name   "_SbieDll_KillAll@8"

Definition at line 39 of file sbiedll.h.


Definition at line 5 of file sbiedll.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef LONG(__stdcall * P_SbieApi_EnumBoxes)(LONG index,WCHAR *box_name)

Definition at line 16 of file sbiedll.h.

typedef LONG(__stdcall * P_SbieApi_EnumProcessEx)(const WCHAR *box_name,BOOLEAN all_sessions, ULONG which_session, ULONG *boxed_pids)

Definition at line 20 of file sbiedll.h.

typedef LONG(__stdcall * P_SbieApi_QueryBoxPath)(const WCHAR *box_name,WCHAR *file_path, WCHAR *key_path, WCHAR *ipc_path, ULONG *file_path_len, ULONG *key_path_len, ULONG *ipc_path_len)

Definition at line 7 of file sbiedll.h.

typedef BOOLEAN(__stdcall * P_SbieDll_KillAll)(ULONG session_id, const WCHAR *box_name)

Definition at line 26 of file sbiedll.h.