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qrydrv.c File Reference
#include <kph.h>

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VOID KphpCopyInfoUnicodeString (__out PVOID Information, __in_opt PUNICODE_STRING UnicodeString)
NTSTATUS KpiOpenDriver (__out PHANDLE DriverHandle, __in POBJECT_ATTRIBUTES ObjectAttributes, __in KPROCESSOR_MODE AccessMode)
NTSTATUS KpiQueryInformationDriver (__in HANDLE DriverHandle, __in DRIVER_INFORMATION_CLASS DriverInformationClass, __out_bcount(DriverInformationLength) PVOID DriverInformation, __in ULONG DriverInformationLength, __out_opt PULONG ReturnLength, __in KPROCESSOR_MODE AccessMode)

Function Documentation

VOID KphpCopyInfoUnicodeString ( __out PVOID  Information,
__in_opt PUNICODE_STRING  UnicodeString 

Definition at line 215 of file qrydrv.c.

NTSTATUS KpiOpenDriver ( __out PHANDLE  DriverHandle,
__in POBJECT_ATTRIBUTES  ObjectAttributes,
__in KPROCESSOR_MODE  AccessMode 

Definition at line 35 of file qrydrv.c.

NTSTATUS KpiQueryInformationDriver ( __in HANDLE  DriverHandle,
__in DRIVER_INFORMATION_CLASS  DriverInformationClass,
__out_bcount(DriverInformationLength) PVOID  DriverInformation,
__in ULONG  DriverInformationLength,
__out_opt PULONG  ReturnLength,
__in KPROCESSOR_MODE  AccessMode 

Definition at line 52 of file qrydrv.c.