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md5.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>

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Data Structures

struct  md5_context


__forceinline void md5_starts (md5_context *ctx)
__forceinline void md5_update (md5_context *ctx, const uint8_t *input, uint32_t length)
__forceinline void md5_finish (md5_context *ctx, uint8_t digest[16])

Function Documentation

__forceinline void md5_finish ( md5_context ctx,
uint8_t  digest[16] 

Definition at line 20 of file md5.h.

__forceinline void md5_starts ( md5_context ctx)

Definition at line 10 of file md5.h.

__forceinline void md5_update ( md5_context ctx,
const uint8_t *  input,
uint32_t  length 

Definition at line 15 of file md5.h.