Process Hacker
notifico.c File Reference
#include <phapp.h>
#include <settings.h>
#include <extmgri.h>
#include <miniinfo.h>
#include <phplug.h>
#include <notifico.h>
#include <windowsx.h>

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typedef struct _PH_NF_BITMAP PH_NF_BITMAP
typedef struct _PH_NF_BITMAP * PPH_NF_BITMAP


HICON PhNfpGetBlackIcon (VOID)
BOOLEAN PhNfpAddNotifyIcon (_In_ ULONG Id)
BOOLEAN PhNfpRemoveNotifyIcon (_In_ ULONG Id)
BOOLEAN PhNfpModifyNotifyIcon (_In_ ULONG Id, _In_ ULONG Flags, _In_opt_ PPH_STRING Text, _In_opt_ HICON Icon)
VOID PhNfpProcessesUpdatedHandler (_In_opt_ PVOID Parameter, _In_opt_ PVOID Context)
VOID PhNfpUpdateRegisteredIcon (_In_ PPH_NF_ICON Icon)
VOID PhNfpBeginBitmap (_Out_ PULONG Width, _Out_ PULONG Height, _Out_ HBITMAP *Bitmap, _Out_opt_ PVOID *Bits, _Out_ HDC *Hdc, _Out_ HBITMAP *OldBitmap)
VOID PhNfpBeginBitmap2 (_Inout_ PPH_NF_BITMAP Context, _Out_ PULONG Width, _Out_ PULONG Height, _Out_ HBITMAP *Bitmap, _Out_opt_ PVOID *Bits, _Out_ HDC *Hdc, _Out_ HBITMAP *OldBitmap)
VOID PhNfpUpdateIconCpuHistory (VOID)
VOID PhNfpUpdateIconIoHistory (VOID)
VOID PhNfpUpdateIconCommitHistory (VOID)
VOID PhNfpUpdateIconPhysicalHistory (VOID)
VOID PhNfpUpdateIconCpuUsage (VOID)
VOID PhNfLoadStage1 (VOID)
VOID PhNfLoadStage2 (VOID)
VOID PhNfSaveSettings (VOID)
VOID PhNfUninitialization (VOID)
VOID PhNfForwardMessage (_In_ ULONG_PTR WParam, _In_ ULONG_PTR LParam)
ULONG PhNfGetMaximumIconId (VOID)
ULONG PhNfTestIconMask (_In_ ULONG Id)
VOID PhNfSetVisibleIcon (_In_ ULONG Id, _In_ BOOLEAN Visible)
BOOLEAN PhNfShowBalloonTip (_In_opt_ ULONG Id, _In_ PWSTR Title, _In_ PWSTR Text, _In_ ULONG Timeout, _In_ ULONG Flags)
HICON PhNfBitmapToIcon (_In_ HBITMAP Bitmap)
PPH_NF_ICON PhNfRegisterIcon (_In_ struct _PH_PLUGIN *Plugin, _In_ ULONG SubId, _In_opt_ PVOID Context, _In_ PWSTR Text, _In_ ULONG Flags, _In_opt_ PPH_NF_ICON_UPDATE_CALLBACK UpdateCallback, _In_opt_ PPH_NF_ICON_MESSAGE_CALLBACK MessageCallback)
PPH_NF_ICON PhNfFindIcon (_In_ PPH_STRINGREF PluginName, _In_ ULONG SubId)
VOID PhNfNotifyMiniInfoPinned (_In_ BOOLEAN Pinned)


BOOLEAN PhNfTerminating = FALSE
ULONG PhNfIconMask
ULONG PhNfIconNotifyMask
PPH_NF_ICON PhNfRegisteredIcons [32] = { 0 }
PPH_STRING PhNfIconTextCache [32] = { 0 }
BOOLEAN PhNfMiniInfoPinned
PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION PhNfpProcessesUpdatedRegistration
PH_NF_BITMAP PhNfpDefaultBitmapContext = { 0 }
PH_NF_BITMAP PhNfpBlackBitmapContext = { 0 }
HBITMAP PhNfpBlackBitmap = NULL
HICON PhNfpBlackIcon = NULL

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _PH_NF_BITMAP PH_NF_BITMAP
typedef struct _PH_NF_BITMAP * PPH_NF_BITMAP

Function Documentation

HICON PhNfBitmapToIcon ( _In_ HBITMAP  Bitmap)

Definition at line 426 of file notifico.c.

PPH_NF_ICON PhNfFindIcon ( _In_ PPH_STRINGREF  PluginName,
_In_ ULONG  SubId 

Definition at line 502 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfForwardMessage ( _In_ ULONG_PTR  WParam,
_In_ ULONG_PTR  LParam 

Definition at line 244 of file notifico.c.

PPH_NF_ICON PhNfGetIconById ( _In_ ULONG  Id)

Definition at line 490 of file notifico.c.

ULONG PhNfGetMaximumIconId ( VOID  )

Definition at line 363 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfLoadStage1 ( VOID  )

Definition at line 122 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfLoadStage2 ( VOID  )

Definition at line 162 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfNotifyMiniInfoPinned ( _In_ BOOLEAN  Pinned)

Definition at line 524 of file notifico.c.

BOOLEAN PhNfpAddNotifyIcon ( _In_ ULONG  Id)

Definition at line 579 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfpBeginBitmap ( _Out_ PULONG  Width,
_Out_ PULONG  Height,
_Out_ HBITMAP *  Bitmap,
_Out_opt_ PVOID *  Bits,
_Out_ HDC *  Hdc,
_Out_ HBITMAP *  OldBitmap 

Definition at line 785 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfpBeginBitmap2 ( _Inout_ PPH_NF_BITMAP  Context,
_Out_ PULONG  Width,
_Out_ PULONG  Height,
_Out_ HBITMAP *  Bitmap,
_Out_opt_ PVOID *  Bits,
_Out_ HDC *  Hdc,
_Out_ HBITMAP *  OldBitmap 

Definition at line 797 of file notifico.c.

HICON PhNfpGetBlackIcon ( VOID  )

Definition at line 550 of file notifico.c.

BOOLEAN PhNfpModifyNotifyIcon ( _In_ ULONG  Id,
_In_ ULONG  Flags,
_In_opt_ PPH_STRING  Text,
_In_opt_ HICON  Icon 

Definition at line 642 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfpProcessesUpdatedHandler ( _In_opt_ PVOID  Parameter,
_In_opt_ PVOID  Context 

Definition at line 691 of file notifico.c.

BOOLEAN PhNfpRemoveNotifyIcon ( _In_ ULONG  Id)

Definition at line 621 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfpUpdateIconCommitHistory ( VOID  )

Definition at line 1037 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfpUpdateIconCpuHistory ( VOID  )

Definition at line 835 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfpUpdateIconCpuUsage ( VOID  )

Definition at line 1189 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfpUpdateIconIoHistory ( VOID  )

Definition at line 928 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfpUpdateIconPhysicalHistory ( VOID  )

Definition at line 1112 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfpUpdateRegisteredIcon ( _In_ PPH_NF_ICON  Icon)

Definition at line 728 of file notifico.c.

PPH_NF_ICON PhNfRegisterIcon ( _In_ struct _PH_PLUGIN Plugin,
_In_ ULONG  SubId,
_In_opt_ PVOID  Context,
_In_ PWSTR  Text,
_In_ ULONG  Flags,
_In_opt_ PPH_NF_ICON_UPDATE_CALLBACK  UpdateCallback,
_In_opt_ PPH_NF_ICON_MESSAGE_CALLBACK  MessageCallback 

Definition at line 443 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfSaveSettings ( VOID  )

Definition at line 182 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfSetVisibleIcon ( _In_ ULONG  Id,
_In_ BOOLEAN  Visible 

Definition at line 377 of file notifico.c.

BOOLEAN PhNfShowBalloonTip ( _In_opt_ ULONG  Id,
_In_ PWSTR  Title,
_In_ PWSTR  Text,
_In_ ULONG  Timeout,
_In_ ULONG  Flags 

Definition at line 394 of file notifico.c.

ULONG PhNfTestIconMask ( _In_ ULONG  Id)

Definition at line 370 of file notifico.c.

VOID PhNfUninitialization ( VOID  )

Definition at line 227 of file notifico.c.

Variable Documentation

ULONG PhNfIconMask

Definition at line 108 of file notifico.c.

ULONG PhNfIconNotifyMask

Definition at line 109 of file notifico.c.

PPH_STRING PhNfIconTextCache[32] = { 0 }

Definition at line 112 of file notifico.c.


Definition at line 110 of file notifico.c.

BOOLEAN PhNfMiniInfoPinned

Definition at line 113 of file notifico.c.

HBITMAP PhNfpBlackBitmap = NULL

Definition at line 119 of file notifico.c.

PH_NF_BITMAP PhNfpBlackBitmapContext = { 0 }

Definition at line 118 of file notifico.c.

HICON PhNfpBlackIcon = NULL

Definition at line 120 of file notifico.c.

PH_NF_BITMAP PhNfpDefaultBitmapContext = { 0 }

Definition at line 117 of file notifico.c.


Definition at line 115 of file notifico.c.

PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION PhNfpProcessesUpdatedRegistration

Definition at line 116 of file notifico.c.

PPH_NF_ICON PhNfRegisteredIcons[32] = { 0 }

Definition at line 111 of file notifico.c.

BOOLEAN PhNfTerminating = FALSE

Definition at line 107 of file notifico.c.