Process Hacker
hook.c File Reference
#include "wndexp.h"

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BOOLEAN WepCreateServerObjects (VOID)
BOOLEAN WepOpenServerObjects (VOID)
VOID WepCloseServerObjects (VOID)
VOID WepWriteClientData (_In_ HWND hwnd)
LRESULT CALLBACK WepCallWndProc (_In_ int nCode, _In_ WPARAM wParam, _In_ LPARAM lParam)
VOID WeHookServerInitialization (VOID)
VOID WeHookServerUninitialization (VOID)
BOOLEAN WeIsServerActive (VOID)
BOOLEAN WeLockServerSharedData (_Out_ PWE_HOOK_SHARED_DATA *Data)
VOID WeUnlockServerSharedData (VOID)
BOOLEAN WeSendServerRequest (_In_ HWND hWnd)
VOID WeHookClientInitialization (VOID)
VOID WeHookClientUninitialization (VOID)


ULONG WeServerMessage
HANDLE WeServerSharedSection
HANDLE WeServerSharedSectionLock
HANDLE WeServerSharedSectionEvent
HHOOK WeHookHandle = NULL
ULONG WeCurrentMessageId = 0

Function Documentation

VOID WeHookClientInitialization ( VOID  )

Definition at line 425 of file hook.c.

VOID WeHookClientUninitialization ( VOID  )

Definition at line 432 of file hook.c.

VOID WeHookServerInitialization ( VOID  )

Definition at line 70 of file hook.c.

VOID WeHookServerUninitialization ( VOID  )

Definition at line 85 of file hook.c.

BOOLEAN WeIsServerActive ( VOID  )

Definition at line 344 of file hook.c.

BOOLEAN WeLockServerSharedData ( _Out_ PWE_HOOK_SHARED_DATA Data)

Definition at line 360 of file hook.c.

LRESULT CALLBACK WepCallWndProc ( _In_ int  nCode,
_In_ WPARAM  wParam,
_In_ LPARAM  lParam 

Definition at line 472 of file hook.c.

VOID WepCloseServerObjects ( VOID  )

Definition at line 315 of file hook.c.

BOOLEAN WepCreateServerObjects ( VOID  )

Definition at line 96 of file hook.c.

BOOLEAN WepOpenServerObjects ( VOID  )

Definition at line 229 of file hook.c.

VOID WepWriteClientData ( _In_ HWND  hwnd)

Definition at line 439 of file hook.c.

BOOLEAN WeSendServerRequest ( _In_ HWND  hWnd)

Definition at line 386 of file hook.c.

VOID WeUnlockServerSharedData ( VOID  )

Definition at line 379 of file hook.c.

Variable Documentation

ULONG WeCurrentMessageId = 0

Definition at line 66 of file hook.c.

HHOOK WeHookHandle = NULL

Definition at line 64 of file hook.c.

ULONG WeServerMessage

Definition at line 58 of file hook.c.


Definition at line 60 of file hook.c.

HANDLE WeServerSharedSection

Definition at line 59 of file hook.c.

HANDLE WeServerSharedSectionEvent

Definition at line 62 of file hook.c.

HANDLE WeServerSharedSectionLock

Definition at line 61 of file hook.c.