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guisup.c File Reference
#include <phgui.h>
#include <guisupp.h>
#include <windowsx.h>

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#define ORDER_LIMIT   50


VOID PhGuiSupportInitialization (VOID)
VOID PhSetControlTheme (_In_ HWND Handle, _In_ PWSTR Theme)
INT PhAddListViewColumn (_In_ HWND ListViewHandle, _In_ INT Index, _In_ INT DisplayIndex, _In_ INT SubItemIndex, _In_ INT Format, _In_ INT Width, _In_ PWSTR Text)
INT PhAddListViewItem (_In_ HWND ListViewHandle, _In_ INT Index, _In_ PWSTR Text, _In_opt_ PVOID Param)
INT PhFindListViewItemByFlags (_In_ HWND ListViewHandle, _In_ INT StartIndex, _In_ ULONG Flags)
INT PhFindListViewItemByParam (_In_ HWND ListViewHandle, _In_ INT StartIndex, _In_opt_ PVOID Param)
LOGICAL PhGetListViewItemImageIndex (_In_ HWND ListViewHandle, _In_ INT Index, _Out_ PINT ImageIndex)
LOGICAL PhGetListViewItemParam (_In_ HWND ListViewHandle, _In_ INT Index, _Out_ PVOID *Param)
VOID PhRemoveListViewItem (_In_ HWND ListViewHandle, _In_ INT Index)
VOID PhSetListViewItemImageIndex (_In_ HWND ListViewHandle, _In_ INT Index, _In_ INT ImageIndex)
VOID PhSetListViewSubItem (_In_ HWND ListViewHandle, _In_ INT Index, _In_ INT SubItemIndex, _In_ PWSTR Text)
BOOLEAN PhLoadListViewColumnSettings (_In_ HWND ListViewHandle, _In_ PPH_STRING Settings)
PPH_STRING PhSaveListViewColumnSettings (_In_ HWND ListViewHandle)
INT PhAddTabControlTab (_In_ HWND TabControlHandle, _In_ INT Index, _In_ PWSTR Text)
PPH_STRING PhGetWindowText (_In_ HWND hwnd)
ULONG PhGetWindowTextEx (_In_ HWND hwnd, _In_ ULONG Flags, _Out_opt_ PPH_STRING *Text)
VOID PhAddComboBoxStrings (_In_ HWND hWnd, _In_ PWSTR *Strings, _In_ ULONG NumberOfStrings)
PPH_STRING PhGetComboBoxString (_In_ HWND hwnd, _In_ INT Index)
INT PhSelectComboBoxString (_In_ HWND hwnd, _In_ PWSTR String, _In_ BOOLEAN Partial)
PPH_STRING PhGetListBoxString (_In_ HWND hwnd, _In_ INT Index)
VOID PhSetStateAllListViewItems (_In_ HWND hWnd, _In_ ULONG State, _In_ ULONG Mask)
PVOID PhGetSelectedListViewItemParam (_In_ HWND hWnd)
VOID PhGetSelectedListViewItemParams (_In_ HWND hWnd, _Out_ PVOID **Items, _Out_ PULONG NumberOfItems)
VOID PhSetImageListBitmap (_In_ HIMAGELIST ImageList, _In_ INT Index, _In_ HINSTANCE InstanceHandle, _In_ LPCWSTR BitmapName)
VOID PhGetStockApplicationIcon (_Out_opt_ HICON *SmallIcon, _Out_opt_ HICON *LargeIcon)
 Gets the default icon used for executable files.
HICON PhGetFileShellIcon (_In_opt_ PWSTR FileName, _In_opt_ PWSTR DefaultExtension, _In_ BOOLEAN LargeIcon)
VOID PhpSetClipboardData (_In_ HWND hWnd, _In_ ULONG Format, _In_ HANDLE Data)
VOID PhSetClipboardString (_In_ HWND hWnd, _In_ PPH_STRINGREF String)
HWND PhCreateDialogFromTemplate (_In_ HWND Parent, _In_ ULONG Style, _In_ PVOID Instance, _In_ PWSTR Template, _In_ DLGPROC DialogProc, _In_ PVOID Parameter)
VOID PhInitializeLayoutManager (_Out_ PPH_LAYOUT_MANAGER Manager, _In_ HWND RootWindowHandle)
VOID PhDeleteLayoutManager (_Inout_ PPH_LAYOUT_MANAGER Manager)
PPH_LAYOUT_ITEM PhAddLayoutItem (_Inout_ PPH_LAYOUT_MANAGER Manager, _In_ HWND Handle, _In_opt_ PPH_LAYOUT_ITEM ParentItem, _In_ ULONG Anchor)
PPH_LAYOUT_ITEM PhAddLayoutItemEx (_Inout_ PPH_LAYOUT_MANAGER Manager, _In_ HWND Handle, _In_opt_ PPH_LAYOUT_ITEM ParentItem, _In_ ULONG Anchor, _In_ RECT Margin)
VOID PhpLayoutItemLayout (_Inout_ PPH_LAYOUT_MANAGER Manager, _Inout_ PPH_LAYOUT_ITEM Item)
VOID PhLayoutManagerLayout (_Inout_ PPH_LAYOUT_MANAGER Manager)


_ChangeWindowMessageFilter ChangeWindowMessageFilter_I
_IsImmersiveProcess IsImmersiveProcess_I
_RunFileDlg RunFileDlg
_SetWindowTheme SetWindowTheme_I
_IsThemeActive IsThemeActive_I
_OpenThemeData OpenThemeData_I
_CloseThemeData CloseThemeData_I
_IsThemePartDefined IsThemePartDefined_I
_DrawThemeBackground DrawThemeBackground_I
_DrawThemeText DrawThemeText_I
_GetThemeInt GetThemeInt_I
_SHAutoComplete SHAutoComplete_I
_SHCreateShellItem SHCreateShellItem_I
_SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems_I
_SHParseDisplayName SHParseDisplayName_I
_TaskDialogIndirect TaskDialogIndirect_I

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ORDER_LIMIT   50

Function Documentation

VOID PhAddComboBoxStrings ( _In_ HWND  hWnd,
_In_ PWSTR *  Strings,
_In_ ULONG  NumberOfStrings 

Definition at line 427 of file guisup.c.

PPH_LAYOUT_ITEM PhAddLayoutItem ( _Inout_ PPH_LAYOUT_MANAGER  Manager,
_In_ HWND  Handle,
_In_opt_ PPH_LAYOUT_ITEM  ParentItem,
_In_ ULONG  Anchor 

Definition at line 912 of file guisup.c.

PPH_LAYOUT_ITEM PhAddLayoutItemEx ( _Inout_ PPH_LAYOUT_MANAGER  Manager,
_In_ HWND  Handle,
_In_opt_ PPH_LAYOUT_ITEM  ParentItem,
_In_ ULONG  Anchor,
_In_ RECT  Margin 

Definition at line 946 of file guisup.c.

INT PhAddListViewColumn ( _In_ HWND  ListViewHandle,
_In_ INT  Index,
_In_ INT  DisplayIndex,
_In_ INT  SubItemIndex,
_In_ INT  Format,
_In_ INT  Width,
_In_ PWSTR  Text 

Definition at line 88 of file guisup.c.

INT PhAddListViewItem ( _In_ HWND  ListViewHandle,
_In_ INT  Index,
_In_ PWSTR  Text,
_In_opt_ PVOID  Param 

Definition at line 110 of file guisup.c.

INT PhAddTabControlTab ( _In_ HWND  TabControlHandle,
_In_ INT  Index,
_In_ PWSTR  Text 

Definition at line 337 of file guisup.c.

HWND PhCreateDialogFromTemplate ( _In_ HWND  Parent,
_In_ ULONG  Style,
_In_ PVOID  Instance,
_In_ PWSTR  Template,
_In_ DLGPROC  DialogProc,
_In_ PVOID  Parameter 

Definition at line 825 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhDeleteLayoutManager ( _Inout_ PPH_LAYOUT_MANAGER  Manager)

Definition at line 897 of file guisup.c.

INT PhFindListViewItemByFlags ( _In_ HWND  ListViewHandle,
_In_ INT  StartIndex,
_In_ ULONG  Flags 

Definition at line 128 of file guisup.c.

INT PhFindListViewItemByParam ( _In_ HWND  ListViewHandle,
_In_ INT  StartIndex,
_In_opt_ PVOID  Param 

Definition at line 137 of file guisup.c.

PPH_STRING PhGetComboBoxString ( _In_ HWND  hwnd,
_In_ INT  Index 

Definition at line 439 of file guisup.c.

HICON PhGetFileShellIcon ( _In_opt_ PWSTR  FileName,
_In_opt_ PWSTR  DefaultExtension,
_In_ BOOLEAN  LargeIcon 

Definition at line 713 of file guisup.c.

PPH_STRING PhGetListBoxString ( _In_ HWND  hwnd,
_In_ INT  Index 

Definition at line 500 of file guisup.c.

LOGICAL PhGetListViewItemImageIndex ( _In_ HWND  ListViewHandle,
_In_ INT  Index,
_Out_ PINT  ImageIndex 

Definition at line 151 of file guisup.c.

LOGICAL PhGetListViewItemParam ( _In_ HWND  ListViewHandle,
_In_ INT  Index,
_Out_ PVOID *  Param 

Definition at line 174 of file guisup.c.

PVOID PhGetSelectedListViewItemParam ( _In_ HWND  hWnd)

Definition at line 556 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhGetSelectedListViewItemParams ( _In_ HWND  hWnd,
_Out_ PVOID **  Items,
_Out_ PULONG  NumberOfItems 

Definition at line 584 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhGetStockApplicationIcon ( _Out_opt_ HICON *  SmallIcon,
_Out_opt_ HICON *  LargeIcon 

Gets the default icon used for executable files.

SmallIconA variable which receives the small default executable icon. Do not destroy the icon using DestroyIcon(); it is shared between callers.
LargeIconA variable which receives the large default executable icon. Do not destroy the icon using DestroyIcon(); it is shared between callers.

Definition at line 645 of file guisup.c.

PPH_STRING PhGetWindowText ( _In_ HWND  hwnd)

Definition at line 351 of file guisup.c.

ULONG PhGetWindowTextEx ( _In_ HWND  hwnd,
_In_ ULONG  Flags,
_Out_opt_ PPH_STRING Text 

Definition at line 361 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhGuiSupportInitialization ( VOID  )

Definition at line 44 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhInitializeLayoutManager ( _Out_ PPH_LAYOUT_MANAGER  Manager,
_In_ HWND  RootWindowHandle 

Definition at line 879 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhLayoutManagerLayout ( _Inout_ PPH_LAYOUT_MANAGER  Manager)

Definition at line 1112 of file guisup.c.

BOOLEAN PhLoadListViewColumnSettings ( _In_ HWND  ListViewHandle,
_In_ PPH_STRING  Settings 

Definition at line 238 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhpLayoutItemLayout ( _Inout_ PPH_LAYOUT_MANAGER  Manager,
_Inout_ PPH_LAYOUT_ITEM  Item 

Definition at line 995 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhpSetClipboardData ( _In_ HWND  hWnd,
_In_ ULONG  Format,
_In_ HANDLE  Data 

Definition at line 783 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhRemoveListViewItem ( _In_ HWND  ListViewHandle,
_In_ INT  Index 

Definition at line 197 of file guisup.c.

PPH_STRING PhSaveListViewColumnSettings ( _In_ HWND  ListViewHandle)

Definition at line 308 of file guisup.c.

INT PhSelectComboBoxString ( _In_ HWND  hwnd,
_In_ PWSTR  String,
_In_ BOOLEAN  Partial 

Definition at line 475 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhSetClipboardString ( _In_ HWND  hWnd,

Definition at line 806 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhSetControlTheme ( _In_ HWND  Handle,
_In_ PWSTR  Theme 

Definition at line 76 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhSetImageListBitmap ( _In_ HIMAGELIST  ImageList,
_In_ INT  Index,
_In_ HINSTANCE  InstanceHandle,
_In_ LPCWSTR  BitmapName 

Definition at line 619 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhSetListViewItemImageIndex ( _In_ HWND  ListViewHandle,
_In_ INT  Index,
_In_ INT  ImageIndex 

Definition at line 205 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhSetListViewSubItem ( _In_ HWND  ListViewHandle,
_In_ INT  Index,
_In_ INT  SubItemIndex,
_In_ PWSTR  Text 

Definition at line 221 of file guisup.c.

VOID PhSetStateAllListViewItems ( _In_ HWND  hWnd,
_In_ ULONG  State,
_In_ ULONG  Mask 

Definition at line 536 of file guisup.c.

Variable Documentation

_ChangeWindowMessageFilter ChangeWindowMessageFilter_I

Definition at line 27 of file guisup.c.

_CloseThemeData CloseThemeData_I

Definition at line 33 of file guisup.c.

_DrawThemeBackground DrawThemeBackground_I

Definition at line 35 of file guisup.c.

_DrawThemeText DrawThemeText_I

Definition at line 36 of file guisup.c.

_GetThemeInt GetThemeInt_I

Definition at line 37 of file guisup.c.

_IsImmersiveProcess IsImmersiveProcess_I

Definition at line 28 of file guisup.c.

_IsThemeActive IsThemeActive_I

Definition at line 31 of file guisup.c.

_IsThemePartDefined IsThemePartDefined_I

Definition at line 34 of file guisup.c.

_OpenThemeData OpenThemeData_I

Definition at line 32 of file guisup.c.

_RunFileDlg RunFileDlg

Definition at line 29 of file guisup.c.

_SetWindowTheme SetWindowTheme_I

Definition at line 30 of file guisup.c.

_SHAutoComplete SHAutoComplete_I

Definition at line 38 of file guisup.c.

_SHCreateShellItem SHCreateShellItem_I

Definition at line 39 of file guisup.c.

_SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems_I

Definition at line 40 of file guisup.c.

_SHParseDisplayName SHParseDisplayName_I

Definition at line 41 of file guisup.c.

_TaskDialogIndirect TaskDialogIndirect_I

Definition at line 42 of file guisup.c.