Process Hacker
dynimp.c File Reference
#include <kph.h>
#include <dyndata.h>

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VOID KphDynamicImport (VOID)
 Dynamically imports routines.
PVOID KphGetSystemRoutineAddress (__in PWSTR SystemRoutineName)
 Retrieves the address of a function exported by NTOS or HAL.


_ExfUnblockPushLock ExfUnblockPushLock_I
_ObGetObjectType ObGetObjectType_I
_PsAcquireProcessExitSynchronization PsAcquireProcessExitSynchronization_I
_PsIsProtectedProcess PsIsProtectedProcess_I
_PsReleaseProcessExitSynchronization PsReleaseProcessExitSynchronization_I
_PsResumeProcess PsResumeProcess_I
_PsSuspendProcess PsSuspendProcess_I

Function Documentation

VOID KphDynamicImport ( VOID  )

Dynamically imports routines.

Definition at line 41 of file dynimp.c.

PVOID KphGetSystemRoutineAddress ( __in PWSTR  SystemRoutineName)

Retrieves the address of a function exported by NTOS or HAL.

SystemRoutineNameThe name of the function.
The address of the function, or NULL if the function could not be found.

Definition at line 73 of file dynimp.c.

Variable Documentation

_ExfUnblockPushLock ExfUnblockPushLock_I

Definition at line 30 of file dynimp.c.

_ObGetObjectType ObGetObjectType_I

Definition at line 31 of file dynimp.c.

_PsAcquireProcessExitSynchronization PsAcquireProcessExitSynchronization_I

Definition at line 32 of file dynimp.c.

_PsIsProtectedProcess PsIsProtectedProcess_I

Definition at line 33 of file dynimp.c.

_PsReleaseProcessExitSynchronization PsReleaseProcessExitSynchronization_I

Definition at line 34 of file dynimp.c.

_PsResumeProcess PsResumeProcess_I

Definition at line 35 of file dynimp.c.

_PsSuspendProcess PsSuspendProcess_I

Definition at line 36 of file dynimp.c.